Winter Mantel Decor ~ Using White and Green

Once all of the holiday decor is taken down and put away, I love to focus on decorating my home for Winter. It’s kind of like being given a clean slate and I am able to start out fresh and new. This is my first Winter season spent in this house and I want everything to look bright and fresh. Here is how I created my Winter mantel decor using white and green.

The first thing that I did was remove everything from the mantel. After a month of Christmas greenery, glitter and dust the mantel needed a good cleaning.

I stared adding items, one at a time until I was happy with the look.

As you can see, I kept a lot of the same elements from the Christmas mantel.


The vintage tobacco stick star looks so good that I decided to keep it, as well as the boxwood wreath. They pair so well together and make the perfect focal point above the mantel.


The painted white trees and the houses were kept for the mantel too. White is so fresh and to me signifies snow, Winter and a fresh start.

Moss is a favorite way to add a bit of green into Winter home decor

Green is another great, fresh color.

Winter Mantel Decor in White and Green

The moss and the boxwood are real, dried plant life. It’s like a nod to Spring and what lies ahead.

White and green winter decor

This pedestal milk glass cup is a recent thrift store purchase of $1.00!

Thrifted finds make perfect mantel decor

Varying the heights of accessories adds interest – your eye doesn’t just land on one level.

Here’s my favorite part! I love this sign and my adorable penguin.

Penguin Ornament

Our home is a definite “Bring on the Cozy” kind of house. The penguin was a clearance Christmas ornament. He makes me smile every time I look at the mantel.


The living room is bathed in sunshine throughout the day.

Winter mantel decor

It makes this space one of my favorites in the house.


Do you decorate for Winter? I will be sharing more of my Winter decor over the next couple of weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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