DIY Clay Tags

I have been thinking of inexpensive ways to decorate my Thanksgiving table. Our friend Amy of Canary Street shared how easy it is to DIY clay tags. I thought that these clay tags would be perfect as place cards for the table and look great with the copper mercury glass votives that I created last week.

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DIY Clay TagsRest assured this is a very easy project. This is how I did it…


Air Dry Clay

Wax Paper

Alphabet Stamps

Embellishment Stamp – optional


Fine Grit Sandpaper

Glossy White Spray Paint

Twine or Ribbon for tying

DIY Clay Tags

I didn’t have much luck with the rolling pin method. The clay stuck between the sheets of paper. When I tried to use a cookie cutter the clay was very tacky making it impossible to remove from the cutter. So, I resorted to hand rolling the clay. It’s like rolling a meatball :)

  • Roll the clay and place it on wax paper.
  • Flatten the clay with the heel of your hand.
  • Take care to smooth the top as best as you can – it doesn’t need to be perfect.

DIY Clay Tags

  • Immediately stamp the clay with names or phrases of your choosing.
  • Use a drinking straw to create a hole for hanging later.
  • Don’t touch the clay for 24 hours. Even better, wait 48 hours.

DIY Clay Tags

  • When the clay is completely dry, use fine grit sandpaper to smooth the edges of your clay tag.

DIY Clay Tags

  • Spray with a light coat of glossy white paint.

DIY Clay Tags

The most difficult part of this project is having patience for the drying time. I promise you, if you touch the clay while it’s wet – your tag will be ruined. You might be tempted to bake these in the oven. DON’T do it – this clay is not meant for the oven and the tags will crack.

Don’t they look great? I love how bright and glossy they are.

DIY Clay Tags


DIY Clay Tags

I can’t wait for our dinner guests to see the clay tag place cards. The best part is that they then have a gift to take home and can possibly hang on their Christmas tree.

DIY Clay Tags


DIY Clay Tags

There is a lot of clay in the container. It is best to make a lot of tags at one time. I even decided to make gift tags for family and friends.

DIY Clay Tags

Let me know if you give this project a try! You can do it…I promise!

Until tomorrow…


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DIY Clay Tags


  1. Bambi says

    I love this idea! So great that your guests have a personalized gift to take home. Love it!