Upholstered Bench and No Sew Pillows

Disclosure: Fairfield World graciously sent us the bench foam and pillow inserts for this project. Their products are quality and all opinions are our own!

Hey y’all…My name is Vicki and I’m a furniture hoarder. And a fabric hoarder. And a paint hoarder. Don’t invite Honey Bee to this discussion because he would say I’m a hoarder of lots of other things too. I’m always afraid to get rid of any of these items because I know that sooner or later they can be used in either my home or Jennifer’s…and I typically get them at a very good price. Like this $5 yard sale bench for example. How could I pass this up? I just knew the bench seat would look great upholstered with a couple of no sew pillows tossed on top.


Unfortunately, I never got around to doing it and this sweet bench has been in the garage for awhile now. Thank goodness the March edition of the Fab Flippin’ Contest partnered with sponsor Fairfield World at the perfect time for this project!.


Fairfield World has tons of items to choose from – foam, pillow inserts, poly-fil stuffing and more. These pillows are so plush!


This month’s theme is mix-n-match so I decided to use a mix of fabric patterns that I knew would pair well together. I went to my hoard stash and pulled these three prints together.


Look at this sweet bird painting that I purchased on clearance for $8!!! It pairs so well with my fabric.


The first thing I did was paint the bench with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color of Old White.



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PicMonkey final Collage

Y’all, I can honestly say that this Peel-n-Stick fuse tape is my new favorite no-sew product! In all my years of sewing and crafting I have never seen an easier product to use. There is absolutely NO sewing or ironing involved. The label states that it is for hems but I threw caution to the wind and tried it on my pillows and bench cushion. As you can see it turned out great!


It holds together very well! Admittedly this bench won’t be used every day but it is definitely holding.





I love how well my mix-n-match fabrics pair together with the painting. Sometimes I just need a push to get a project completed.


This little bench now greets us at the back door and is the perfect spot to take our shoes off. Thanks so much Fairfield Home!

Be sure to check out the co-host’s of this contest, Ciburbanity and 58 Water Street, to see what awesome things they created.  And if you’re interested in participating at all in future contests, be sure to email info@fabfurnitureflippincontest.com.



Until tomorrow…


No sew pillows. Upholstered Bench.



  1. Bambi Mullinax says

    Wow, super cute! Echoing others, I just love the fabric combination and colors. Thanks for the tips on the peel and stick tape. What a great alternative! My 60 year old sewing machine thanks you! Great job, Vicki. Bambi

  2. karen@somewhatquirkydesign says

    This is so cute! I love the mix of fabrics and the vignette you created. There is no way I would have passed up that bench either Vicki!