How To Create a Gallery Wall

Do you have a bare wall in a hallway or staircase in your home that looks a little sad?  I know that I definitely did and I decided to make a gallery wall to help fill the empty space. Now, everyone does this a little differently, but this method worked great for me and I’m excited to share with y’all how to create a gallery wall.

Now, I will forewarn you about my before photos…do you ever get so excited to get something done and it has to be completed like right this minute? That’s what happened here. I had gotten home from work one night and was staring at this wall thinking how bad it looked. Right then and there I started grabbing prints and frames that I hadn’t put anywhere since we moved into the house and got to work. I was just too excited to not get it done.

Here is the sad wall…it’s in our foyer so it definitely needed some life.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

The first thing I did was measure the wall so I knew how much space I had.

IMG_0923 (2)

Then I started to lay out all of my prints and frames on the floor.  I am such a visual person and this method really worked best for me.  I used the pieces like a puzzle until they fit together the way I wanted them. This first one needed a little bit more…

How to Create a Gallery Wall

So I added more, but definitely did not like how it was looking.

Gallery Wall 2 (2)

I just kept moving the items around, adding and taking away, until I got the look I wanted.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

Once I had my layout, I needed to find the center of the wall so I could hang my “Home” sign, which I love.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

With the help of my trusty assistant, I then would hold the up a frame to see exactly where I liked the placement and would make a mark on the wall.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

When it was all said and done, I was so thrilled with how it turned out!

How to Create a Gallery Wall

This gallery wall is definitely me…it has industrial and vintage elements with the black and white photos.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

I love this postcard that was sent to a family member on Christmas Eve…mom had the great idea to blow this image up and I think it makes awesome artwork.



How to Create a Gallery Wall

how to create a gallery wall

I hope that if you’ve been thinking of putting together a gallery wall, this gives you the confidence to give it a try.  It can’t hurt to start laying out what you want to incorporate until you get the look you love!

XO – Jenn