How To Hang Something Heavy When There is No Stud in The Wall

So, the question of the day is, how to you hang something heavy when there is no stud in the wall? Have you ever had to hang something heavy on the walls of your home, only to find that the perfect spot that you wanted to hang your new mirror, print or painting wasn’t going to be able to be hung where you wanted it to? This post contains affiliate links.

How To Hang Something Heavy When There is No Stud in The Wall. Bessie the cow is a great way to teach this lesson.

There wasn’t a stud in the wall…and no matter where you hammered your nail this kept happening:

It is easy to damage your wall when you are trying to hang something without a stud. We teach you how to hang something without a stud,.Yes, this is where my Honey Bee tried to hang a beautiful antique mirror. There may have been a few curse word followed by, “forget it”. Don’t tell him that I told you this but…I’m the “handyman” of our house. I’m not insulting his manhood in any way – he just doesn’t have the patience for these types of projects. I on the other hand love them. When I was a little girl, I was my dad’s helper and I paid rapt attention.

So, today I’m going to share with you how to hang something heavy when there is no stud in the wall.

Remember how excited I was when I got Bessie?

This find from decor steals, also known as Bessie, was a bargain. She also needed to be hung securely on the wall.She is crafted from heavy stone and weighs 7.5 pounds. I knew how important it would be to hang her properly on my new chalkboard wall. The wall I was placing her on wasn’t very wide so I knew beforehand that there wouldn’t be any stud support in the wall. No problem…here’s what I did to hang something heavy something heavy when there is no stud in the wall. First, I gathered some materials:

Drill Bit
Philips Head Screwdriver
Anchor Bolt
Philips Head Drill Bit
Tape Measure
Chalk to mark the wall

You will need a screw, anchor bolt, and drill bit to hang something into the wall without a stud. Be sure you use the right sizes based on what you are hanging.I purchased this kit from a dollar store…

When there is no stud in the wall, you will need to use a screw and anchor. It is good to have a kit on hand.Using a tape measure, I found the center of the wall…

Before putting a whole in the wall, make sure to measure the center of the wall. Then get to work to hang your heavy item.…and marked it with chalk.

We use chalk to mark spots on walls. This way it can easily be erased if a mistake is made.I drilled a whole into the wall, then I drilled in the anchor bolt. After this, I drilled in the screw tightly into the bolt. Bessie is hung securely on the wall.

When hanging something without a stud, you will drill the whole first. Then take the anchor and drill this into the whole.I have a universal drill so that I can interchange drill bits and screwdriver heads…

If you have a universal drill, you can switch the drill bit out for a screwdriver bit. It makes working a little easier.

Bessie is heavy, but with our tools and tips, we were able to get her hung. Although we didn't have a stud, she is still hanging.

It is possible to hang something heavy on your wall with no stud. This way will also help avoid damage to your way.

I hope that we’ve answered your question of how to hang something heavy on a wall with no stud. This should give you confidence when you next hang something heavy on the wall. Give my tried and true method a shot and let us know how it turns out!

XO – Vicki


  1. says

    I love the way you girls solve every day common problems with easy to accomplish solutions. Hello, pinning! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Totally genius.

  2. says

    I confess. I’m queen of the lets-just-stick-it-here-and-hope-it-holds with some wall decor. I’ll definitely be trying anchor bolts now! Thanks ladies!!

    • says

      LOL Angie – we were that way too! Unfortunately it didn’t always work in our favor! It’s a couple of extra steps, but we would rather be safe than sorry 🙂

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    Vicki, this is awesome and I have some holes like that from before and then patched and painted and I’ve been nervous to hang things on our 93 year old plaster walls so this, I think, is the answer. Thank you and the pictures are fabulous!! have a great day, Lisa

    • says

      You’re welcome Lisa! Plaster walls are very tricky! I know Jenn’s cottage has plaster walls as well. It is so hard to get a nail into the wall. and, if you bang too hard you hear the plaster coming apart behind the wall…no fun 🙂

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    Why am I not surprised that you are the “handy person” in your household? Glad Bessie has a secure spot 🙂 Now if I could just get that whole measuring thing down! Bwg ~~~

    • says

      Hey Bobbi! I know what you mean about the measuring part. I am trying to do a gallery wall and it’s a bit tricky getting every thing hung just right. Hope to share that soon!

  5. Christy says

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. My husband is not that handy either so I needed a step by step tutorial like the one you posted!