Hometalk and DIY Bar Carts Board…

Hey y’all …What exciting things are you up to this week?

Speaking of exciting, Jennifer and I were asked by Hometalk to curate a board for them. Do y’all follow Hometalk? They are the largest home and garden decor hub on the web. With over 700,000 followers, you can find home improvement ideas, do-it-yourself projects, garden and design ideas and much more. You can even ask questions about a project or an idea and receive feedback from followers.

Last week we posted and shared our DIY bar cart on Hometalk…you can find all of the details here.

Microwave got a makeover into a stylish bar cart. By applying Modern Masters paint the cart took on a very colorful and polished look.They liked it so much they invited us to curate a DIY Bar Carts board. Here our our favorites:


Click HERE for direct access to our board and you can scroll through all of these fabulous DIY Bar Carts…such creativity. Which cart is your favorite?

Sign up and follow Hometalk now…you won’t be disappointed. With the click of your mouse you can clip projects that you want to remember or you can simply like a project.  You can easily create your own boards to save all of your favorite projects. The Hometalk site is easy to navigate and lots of fun! Get started now 🙂 Here’s how.


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    Wow, Vicki & Jennifer, Congrats!! You girls are rock stars!! What an honor!! Great job and love all the bar carts you shared today, Lisa