Aloe is too big for her britches…

This aloe plant has seriously outgrown her current home.  It is time to re-pot  and move into larger digs.

Overgrown aloe

I selected a pot that had drainage holes, and was rather large.  This will allow enough room as the plant grows and the roots won’t be crowded.

I am not a plant expert – just a lover of plants that are easily cared for.  This is what I did, following left to right:

Loosening the root ball in the old planter

Loosened the root base from the old pot.

Re-potting Aloe

This particular plant is very healthy and hearty.  The leaves are very large and thick, not susceptible to breakage.

Beautiful aloe - repotted

Aloe plants have magical healing properties.  In my research I discovered that Native Americans referred to aloe as “Wand of the Heaven.”  Many cultures have used this ancient healing plant for centuries.  Following are remedies and cures that I have personally used or seen work on someone I know.  I am not a doctor or an expert – just a huge fan of aloe.

  • Sunburn relief.  Cut open a leaf and rub the soothing gel on all sunburned areas.  When I was a kid in Florida my mother kept aloe leaves in the refrigerator in the summer months.
  • Burns in the kitchen from grease spatters or from your skin touching a stove burner or oven rack.  Again, rub the affected area with the gel.
  •  I have seen aloe work on a severe grease burn with blistering.  The next day the injury was totally healed.
  • Also spread the gooey gel on bruises.
  • Aloe relieves the sting and itch of insect bites
  • Soothes poison ivy
  • Heals blisters
  • Use aloe on your face to help dryness, wrinkling and diminish brown spots and brighten skin tone.
  • My grandmother used to make a drink with aloe. She claimed it helped her diabetes.
  • Some people also drink an aloe mixture for heart health – reducing cholesterol.

What do you use aloe for?  We would love to hear your aloe cure-all.

Lovely, repotted aloe plant