Last week Jennifer and I were out thrifting and came upon this adorable gem of a side table. She was a little beat up, her leatherette top was coming off, but we could still see the beauty that she was.

Tiffany table - beforeOver the weekend we primed a few pieces of furniture, with our favored Zinsser Gold, and then chose this table to complete. We decided that the table had such great, classic lines, we would paint her Tiffany blue. I had leftover paint from a multitude of projects, and mixed a couple of those together until I was happy with the shade of color.I taped off the brass feet and brass fittings on the upper legs and began painting.I applied two coats of paint and left it to dry overnight.


For the stain/glaze faze, this is the formula I used:

1/4 cup Delta Ceramacoat in Hippo Grey

1/4 water

1 Tbs Danish Glaze in Mahogany

Sponge brush

I was sure to work the stain especially in seams and crevices, until I achieved the antiquated look that I wanted.

Tiffany table

And look at Tiffany now:


Isn’t she lovely? What do y’all think?



    • 2 Bees in a Pod says

      So glad you like it! We plan to show you more before/after photos of other projects.

  1. Jill Tahmooressi says

    Gorgeous redress. In your thriftiness strategy have you looked into bidding for abandoned lockers? I love that show Storage wars. Just wondering if you have tried your luck using that means: one mans abandoned junk can be another man’s gem, especially if under your tender loving hands. Will you be placing pieces for sale by any chance? You are in the Atlanta area?

    • 2 Bees in a Pod says


      We appreciate your interest in our business. We do mainly thrift but we also do custom furniture pieces for clients. We hope to have a showing in the Fall…we will give an update here on our blog.